November 13th-15th 2014

Oklahoma City, OK

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This conference is specifically for these 4 groups – Youth/Young Adult Pastors – Youth/Student/Young Adult Leaders – Worship/Creative Teams – Senior Pastors

In these areas of ministry it is crucial to be constantly learning and exposing yourself to new ideas, concepts, strategies, inspiration, and new relationships. This conference has proven to provide the finest of these things. If you aren’t satisfied where you’re at in your area of ministry or with your leadership team, this conference could be the breakthrough you need. Youth America Leadership Conference is a perfect blend of practical tips and training with powerfully inspiring and spiritually charging encounters with God. For more info, contact

Leaders Tribe Round Table

Before the conference begins Thursday night, Youth America is hosting the Leaders Tribe Round Table from 9:30am to 4:30pm. This event is designed to build up and refresh local Youth Pastors with vision, passion and unity. For more information, please visit our Leaders Tribe page.