In a society where the “youth” are becoming more and more the key demographic in our culture, it’s a prime time for the church to win over and influence young people. We can’t stay in our little circles anymore, we can’t survive on our own any longer. It’s time we reach out, get together, and collectively figure out how to grasp the attention of our youth and fix it on Christ and the mission of His church.

The point of this conference is for us as leaders to gather and learn, get inspired, be commissioned, and get recharged from some of the greatest minds and pastors who are influencing young people and young leaders. If you are someone who leads the young, I can think of no greater step that you could take, than to get in this kind of atmosphere at this conference that will expose you to the passion, creativity, relationship, and power that we have collectively as the church. Together we can make a difference. This is our time to get together.



At its inception six years ago this conference was simply for Youth Pastors. As it’s evolved we’ve realized the PURPOSE of this conference is not limited to a small group of people with that title. The PURPOSE is much greater than who our TARGET was. To word who this is for we don’t need to state a title, but a calling that if it resonates with you, this conference is for you. This gathering is for ANYONE WHO DESIRES TO LEAD THE NEXT GENERATION. As you can see, this would include Youth Pastors, Youth Leaders, Worship Pastors, Worship Teams, Senior Pastors, Young Adult Pastors…the list could go on. The mission of this conference has remained the same, “how to lead the next generation”, the audience of who this mission resonates with has expanded. So in other words, if you want to be involved in leading young people in any fashion toward Christ and the mission of His church, this conference is for you.



Let’s put it this way, we pack a LOT of punch into one weekend. Our night sessions are full of incredible God moments and plenty of content. Friday is a full day of worship, sessions, and breakout sessions that get to the specifics of the how to do what you want to do. The breakout session topics range from things relating to leadership, creativity, music, ministry structure, strategy, worship, production, and so much more. The half day on Saturday is a “can’t miss”. It will be stacked with insightful question and answer sessions, general sessions, amazing worship and a powerful commissioning moment. There is no way you could grasp all the content by coming by yourself.. That’s why we suggest you bring a team with you. Divide and conquer!

Past breakout session topics: 

A Small Group System that Works | Putting Structure to the Vision | Cracking the Code of College Ministry

The Art of Preaching | Developing Your Style: Lighting, Media, & Sound | How to Reach a School Campus

Bivocational Ministry | The Art of Leading Worship




Conference will begin Thursday, October 26th with registration at 5pm and conclude Saturday, the 28th before lunch. And make sure to plan to stay through Saturday, we always save the best for last!
Want to know more about our conference format, schedule, and typical speaker lineup? Check out last year’s conference booklet.



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