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Registration for Camp is not a free-for-all, but rather, we provide a spot for your church and the number of people you are bringing on your date of camp. This is how we determine current capacity standings and whether or not a week is sold out. Your week of choice is NOT APPROVED for you to begin registering for until you have received a confirmation email from a Youth America staff member containing your REGISTRATION ACCESS CODE for your approved week.  It may take up to 10 business days to receive approval, so please plan accordingly. 




DON’T : Begin specific camp date promotion at your church until you have completed Step 1 and been officially approved for your week of choice. Submit your Week Request Form to us as soon as possible so you can start getting the word out and take first priority on your students’ summer calendars! The sooner you submit your request to us, the higher the chance that you will get the date that you want. Often times, a church will cover their registration costs so that the church can lock in early rates, and then have students and leaders pay the church when they sign up.


DO : Begin general camp promotion now! The more notice you can give students and their families to plan financially, the higher success rate you can experience in receiving their payments. This also enables you to incorporate more fundraisers! Decide what camp rate you will advertise to your group, adding in any additional costs on your churches’ end (transportation, group shirts, etc). Advertise the payment deadlines to your students (we recommend making them a little earlier that our deadlines to you, to create some margin). Use our promotional videos in service and social media to get your students excited, especially those that have never been to camp! As soon as you get your date of camp approved, begin promoting the specific date to your group. The more notice you can give people, the higher priority camp can take on family calendars, which means getting more students to camp!


Please read ALL of the instructions below before registering your group. Regardless of how many people you were approved to bring to camp, registrants will show up in your group until you have started making payments for them.


1. CLICK the “Register My Group” button below


2. ENTER your Access Code (from your Week Confirmation Email) and click “Apply”. Ticket types will then open up for you.


3. SELECT the correct ticket type, as well as the amount you will be paying and the number of people you will be paying this amount for (you can come back later and make more payments and pay different amounts on different registrants. See Step 4 Below, “Manage Your Group”). Don’t forget about meeting all payment deadlines to stay within your price bracket (see DATES AND RATES)! IF YOU REGISTER MORE PEOPLE THAN YOU WERE APPROVED BY US TO BRING, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE ACCOMMODATIONS. If you would like to bring more people, please submit a request to bring more students (below). If you will be bringing less than you requested, please contact us at and let us know so that we can open these spots up for other churches.


4. CLICK “Continue” to Create a Group OR click “Join a Group” if you have already registered people to your group but need to add more. You must “Create a Group” if this is your first time registering for this event, even if you came to camp last year. It is recommended that one designated person from your church becomes the manager of your online registration group. You can log back in at any time to review/make updates to your registration (see Step 4 Below, “Manage Your Group”). If you are clicking, “Join a Group”, skip to #6.


5. FILL OUT the next part of this “Create a Group” form, giving youth pastor information and select your church from the drop down list. If your church isn’t on this drop-down list yet, contact us and we will add you!***Write down the passcodes that you create so that you can easily log back into your group later.***


6. CLICK save to begin inputting each registrants’ information. If you don’t know each person’s information yet, you can simply type in something like, “TBD” in the first registrant’s name field and leave the rest of the fields blank (check “Use this Information for all Attendees” at the bottom of the first registrant field to apply this temporary info to all registrants). This will allow you to go ahead and pay now and return later to enter the accurate information.  The ability to enter registrant information online will close 3 weeks prior to the start date of your week of camp, at which time a $2 per registrant fee will be added to your account in order for Youth America to input all of the information on your behalf before your arrival at camp.


7. SCROLL to the bottom of the form and click the blue “Continue” button to go to the final, order review page and enter your payment informationOn the upper, right -hand corner of the payment page, you will see the option to either “Sign in now” or “Continue without an account”. You may choose either option. Setting up this option simply makes future payments quicker by auto-filling your payment information.


8. CHOOSE your payment method, which can either be debit/credit card or electronic check. Before submitting your payment, verify that your order total is correct. If you need to delete an attendee from your cart, you can do so by clicking the trash can icon to the left of each attendee. You will receive a receipt of payment via email after submitting your payment (keep an eye on your spam).


9. READ steps 3 & 4 below


*Please note that there is additional registration fee upon check out, which is $1.50 one time fee per registrant.


MEDICAL RELEASE FORM: This document must be completed FULLY by EVERY PERSON attending camp and must be entered online 3 weeks prior to your camp arrival day. Print and distribute as many copies of this document as you need, and then collect them back so you can enter the forms online (see Step 4 “Manage Your Group” below for help updating group information). We will also need your completed hard copies upon arrival at check in.


PRE-CAMP INFO PACKET: This is a very informative resource that can be used in parent/leader/student meetings to answer frequently asked questions and get your group fully prepared for camp. Print and distribute as many copies as needed.


REGISTRANT INFO: All registrant information must be entered fully and completely online or accommodations will not be guaranteed upon arrival. You have until 3 weeks prior to the start day of your camp to enter each registrant’s information online, after which time, you will be locked out from making changes and a $2 per registrant fee will incur if you need Youth America to open the form back up for you to enter/update registrant information.


MAKE PAYMENTS: Deposit deadline and balance deadline must be met in order to keep your desired camp payment rate. If either of these deadlines is missed, the registrant(s) rate automatically jumps to the next available rate. Please review our Dates and Rates and Financial Policies for full details. CANCELLATIONS: In order to receive any eligible refunds, you must edit the registrants information to reflect the cancellation by changing registrant first name to “CANCELLATION” OR, simply input the person’s information that is replacing the canceling registrant before the 3 week window closes to update registrant information.


CLICK “Manage My Group” button below

CLICK “Manage My Group” on the next page that you see in the right menu pane below the map. You will be prompted to enter your Group Name and Manage Group Passcode (this is the code you created when you created your group initially). Scroll down to “Manage Group Members” to change information for those in your group and make payments for your group. If you are needing to add new registrants to your group, repeat “Step 2” above. If you forgot your Group Name and Passcode, contact us at