10 Tips To Determine Your Next Sermon


Start by answering the following ten questions, then begin there!

1| What’s your lead pastor teaching?

Honor is always key.

2| What is a challenge you see in your ministry?

What you confront, you conquer.

3| What is something that is working in your ministry?

What you celebrate multiplies.

4| Is your ministry caught up in a trend where your audience can use biblical context?

Follow the trends and you fall in the traps.

5| What’s heavy on your heart as a leader?

Make what’s heavy on your heart heavy on their heart.

6| Is there room for growth in the ministry?

Turn your culture from a “come and see” to a “go and tell.”

7| Are they equipped to have spiritual disciplines?

They’ll make church services their “private time with God” if they’re not equipped to have a “private life with God” every day at home.

8| Do they know how to have Godly friendships & relationships?

Both are always needed.

9| Could we use a few more strong leaders?

Harvest is plentiful; laborers are few.

10| Have you asked them?

You don’t know what you don’t know.


Abe Camacho



Cornerstone Downtown