3 Things You Must Do Before Leading Worship

Pray.  Think. Communicate.



When you pray, you invite God into what you are doing. Allow the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to speak into what you do. When it comes to leading through a worship set, we MUST allow the Holy Spirit to give insight.

If you are new to leading worship, here is some advice. Write out your set list on a piece of paper and pray. Ask the Lord to show you where and what needs to happen: where to talk, or pray, encourage.

Here at our church, we have a little unspoken rule when it comes to talking during a worship set – and I thought I would bring it up. Here it is: you only need to talk to connect. Lead people in worship, don’t preach. People need to feel connected.

When you have a vision for the worship set, communicate that vision. We have a goal each time we lead worship… LEAD TO A BREAKTHROUGH MOMENT. We’ve all been in a worship service where there was a tangible shift in the atmosphere… there was a breakthrough. This is always our goal. That being said, before you lead, PRAY, then THINK…



Here is how I think: with what I have been given, be it volunteers, song selection and time, where and when can I bring about that breakthrough moment or that moment where you need to bring it down for a moment.  

Another little rule we have in our worship culture: bring the set down to just a pad or guitar or just a piano… give us a break and a ‘selah’ moment… Once you have prayed and thought through your set, it is time to communicate.



Communication creates life (see Genesis 1:3). Look to any successful enterprise, marriage, etc. and you will find strong communication. Communication will add life to your worship service and here is why: THE PLAN DOESN’T JUST LIVE IN YOUR HEAD.

I am amazed at how much “information/content/plans/vision” remains in our head. If you are anything like me… things tend to die inside our head. I know that sounds harsh, but the reality is… if it lives in your head and doesn’t get out on paper, or to another person, chances are, it will die in your head. A good idea or plan never conceptualized because of a lack of communication.

You need to communicate your plan to the audio engineer, band director, co-leader, singers, etc… Get everyone on the same page. Give vision as to why you are doing this plan or running the set this way. When it comes to co-leading communicate! It is so awkward when you have two people leading worship and they are both trying to lead the SAME moment, talking over each other… etc. It’s chaos.

Talk it out! You will be better for it!



Brett Mehl


Worship Pastor

Church of the Harvest