Staying Connected: 4 Ways To Reach Your Youth

Right now, you probably are not able to physically be present with your youth students which makes it hard to stay connected with everyone. But as a leader, it is still our responsibility to be more intentional than ever to encourage and minister to the people in our church. Don’t allow the challenges and disruptions you are dealing with stop you from making a difference in the life of the people God entrusted you with.

People need YOU to be there for them. Give peace, encouragement, joy and stay connected to your youth students by trying a few of the things below:



If your student has a phone, shoot them a text or give them a call. Most kids are out of school which means that they most likely have their phone on them and would love to know you are thinking about their well being!

If you feel uncomfortable texting the opposite gender, challenge another youth leader to contact those students. Or you can divvy up your students to all your youth leaders and challenge all of them to be in contact with their assigned students on a weekly basis!

This is also an awesome time for you to contact the parents of your students and minister to them! Ask to pray for them or if there are any needs that you or your church could help meet during this time. Your faith can help overcome someone else’s fear.



There are so many apps that allow you to hang out with people through video and voice that are free to use and great quality services.

These apps are awesome to continue small groups on or to just jump on and catch up with your students. You can even share your screen through these apps so you can all watch a video together if your small group is based on an online curriculum or someone has an insightful youtube video to share.

Google Hangouts
The first and most widely accessible app is Google Hangouts.
Almost everyone has a Google account and it’s really simple and easy to get a call set up. If you’re unfamiliar with how Google Hangouts work, head here to learn more.

Zoom Calls
Zoom works a lot like google hangouts but can be accessed on their phone app as well as a computer. If you’re unfamiliar with Zoom, head here to learn more.
House Party

The last service we’ll mention is House Party. It’s a service just like the 2 mentioned before but with a fun name!



Social media is an awesome tool to encourage students in your youth ministry and even some that aren’t. Right now, you need to be present on as many platforms as possible!
You have an opportunity to encourage, inspire, and uplift people right where they are. Here are some ideas to get started:
Encouraging Posts
Brighten up the feed. Everyone is seeing plenty of content about Corona, events getting canceled, etc. but what you can do is bring them something inspiring and encouraging! Post a scripture. Tell them that they’re valuable and God sees them. It can be as easy as using YouVersion Bible Lense, Over , or just creating something on Instagram.
Instagram & Facebook Live
Going Live on Instagram or Facebook can allow your students to hear and see you in their lives! Find a devotional and go through it, find a Bible Plan on Youversion, do a worship song, or invite other students and leaders to join you and talk about what you have been doing at home!


Another simple way to contact students is to mail them a card or a letter. This can be an awesome tool to reach students who might not have a phone or computer at their disposal. Also, this is something that they can keep and hang up in their room to remind them that someone is thinking of them!


The Youth America Team