10 Games for Small Groups Online


It seems as if almost every youth service or event has one element in common: games. Because who doesn’t love a fun activity to bring everyone together and break the ice?

With COVID-19 changing up life a bit, we have compiled some ways to bring a fun, interactive element to doing youth ministry online, whether through Zoom, Facetime, Houseparty, or any other Video Conferencing Software.


Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt is just like any other, except for the fact that everyone is looking for items in their own home.
As the leader, explain to everyone that you are going to say a common ( or not so common) household item. Feel free to use the list below or edit it for more fun.
Toilet Paper Roll
TV Remote
Change (penny, quarters, dimes, etc.)
Ice cube
Highlighter Marker
Coupon to any store

The first person to run, find it and show proof of the object on their screen gets a point!
After going through your list of items, the person with the most points wins!


This game will put you on edge with funny dares and great laughs.

To play, challenge an opponent to do a dare.
Both players silently think of a number between one and ten.
A third player counts down “3, 2, 1” and then both you and your opponent say your number in sync.
If you and your opponent say the same number, your opponent must complete the dare.
If the number you and your opponent said adds up to 10, you must complete the dare.

You can also play this game but splitting into two teams, in which case, the entire team must complete the dare if they lose the countdown. 


During this game, one person says three statements about themselves. Two of these statements need to be true and one needs to be a lie.
All the other players then determine which of the three statements is the lie.
The original person reveals which statement is a lie. Whoever guessed correctly gets a point.
After everyone has had a turn giving three statements, whoever has the most points wins.


This game is hilarious and lets people see what types of experiences that their friends have had.

Start by telling everyone to hold up 10 fingers in their camera shot. Read from the statements below or feel free to create your own.
If they have experienced or done what the statements says, they put a finger down.
Once they put all ten fingers down, they are out and put their hands down.
Whoever is the last one still holding their fingers up wins!

Never have I ever sat on a public toilet.
Never have I ever put gum under a table.
Never have I ever had a baby spit up on me.
Never have I ever thrown up after seeing someone else throw up.
Never have I ever tasted dog or cat food.
Never have I ever stepped on dog poop barefoot.
Never have I ever been in detention.
Never have I ever sung karaoke.
Never have I ever watched the “Gangnam Style” music video.
Never have I ever sang in the shower.
Never have I ever slept in jeans.
Never have I ever through a cartoon character was cute.
Never have I ever faked to be sick to stay home and watch Netflix.
Never have I ever scored over 100 in bowling.
Never have I ever made a TikTok.
Never have I ever downloaded Snapchat.
Never have I ever scared myself in the mirror.
Never have I ever faceplanted.
Never have I ever cleaned up by throwing everything in my closet.
Never have I ever wanted to be a Kardashian.
Never have I ever watched Frozen.
Never have I ever learned the Renegade dance.
Never have I ever tried something I saw on Pinterest.
Never have I ever cried in the shower.
Never have I ever Googled my own name.
Never have I ever played Fortnight.
Never have I ever been out of the country.
Never have I ever stalked a crush on social media.
Never have I ever wondered what type of dog I would be.
Never have I ever regifted a present someone gave me.
Never have I ever eaten a bug.
Never have I ever stayed up for 24 hours.
Never have I ever lied about my age.
Never have I ever peed my pants.
Never have I ever met a celebrity in person.
Never have I ever gone on Instagram Live.
Never have I ever ordered something online.
Never have I ever owned a watch.
Never have I ever gone thrift shopping for clothes.
Never have I ever blamed a fart on someone else.


We all know this game!
The group has to split into teams. There should be no less than 2 teams.
The whole group has to pick a category to play from. The group can pick anything from famous actors, animals, sports, chores, instruments, movies ect.
One person from each team has to “act out” a phrase without speaking, while the other members of the team try to guess what the phrase is. There will be a 10-15 second timer that youth pastor/ youth leaders can set. If your team can guess the phrase before the timer is up they get a point.
Each team will continue to take turns until one gets 5 points.
Whichever team gets to 5 points first, wins.

Make Me Laugh 

One person is chosen to be the judge. Everyone will take turns being the judge.
Pick a category. Ex: COVID19, Fitness, outdoors, middle school, cartoons
Everyone else has 10-15 seconds to find/ think of the funniest meme, ticktock, vine, or YouTube video that relates to the category and make the judge laugh.
To avoid everyone potentially choosing the same material, everyone will present their content separately (giving those who had the same material an opportunity to change their material).
The judge chooses which meme/ vine that made them laugh the hardest and that person is given a point.
The person who gets five points first wins.

Read My Lips 

The group is split into teams.
One team will pick a contestant (one team will go at a time).
The contestant will then create a sentence. After the sentence is created, the contestant will mute his/her screen and get their team to guess what the sentence is.
If the team guesses the sentence within 10-15 seconds the team gets a point.
The team to get to five points first wins.


Each person will need paper and a writing utensil.

Choose the narrator.
The narrator will assign roles by writing sheriff, mafia, and civilian on three separate pieces of paper.
Tell everyone to close their eyes.
One by one reveal their characters by telling one person to open their eyes. Hold up the paper with their character. Tell them to shut their eyes. Then do the same with the next person.

For groups of 4-7, assign 1 mafia, 1 sheriff, 1 doctor.
For groups of 7+, assign 2 mafias, 1 sheriff, 1 doctor.

Narrator– he has complete power over the group except the power to veto votes. He/she will assign the roles, tell when each role to wake up and sleep, create a story and sanction votes. It’s this person’s job to keep the game grounded and to keep the players reasonable. The narrator must remain unbiased throughout the game.
Mafia– Will kill other players and try to convince other players who the mafia is without revealing themselves
Doctor- can save himself (look under “Circumstances”) and can save others
Sheriff– points at any other player and the mayor can either nod or shake their head of the person is mafia or not; uses his or her power to sway public opinion
Civilian– the most basic role, who votes and tries to figure out the mafias and vote them off


The narrator tells everyone to close their eyes to go to “sleep”.
The narrator tells the mafia to open their eyes and hold up their paper with their target on it. Tell them to go back to sleep.
The narrator tells the doctor to wake up and hold up their paper with who they want to save. Tell them to go back to sleep.
The narrator tells the sheriff to wake up and hold up their paper with who they want to investigate. Tell them if they are the mafia or not. Tell them to go back to sleep.
The narrator tells everyone to wake up and tells a story of what happened.

For example.. “last night, the mafia was angry someone stole their money to they tried to kill “X” person and the doctor tried to save the wrong person.

Now everyone discussed who they believe the mafia to be. They have 1 min to decide on someone. The person they choose dies and cannot talk the rest of the game about what happens.

Repeat the above gameplay until…
…all mafia is accused correctly – civilians wins.
…the mafia kills the sheriff – mafia wins.


Everyone joins the group with their video on.
The leader will start with a list of statements that a person could have done or experienced.
If a person, HAS done it, they turn their camera off.
The last person still with their video camera on wins!

For example…
Turn your camera OFF if you have been to Disneyland.
Turn your camera OFF if you have snuck into a movie.
Turn your camera OFF if you have been in a car wreck.
Turn your camera OFF if you have more than 3 pets.
Turn your camera OFF if you are wearing mismatching socks right now.
Turn your camera OFF if you have been out of the country.




Prior to the call, assign a theme and tell everyone to come dressed for the theme.

For example…
Everyone join the call with the craziest hat on.
Everyone join the call and upload the funniest background.
Everyone join the call from the weirdest place in your house.


Prior to the call, tell everyone to join the call with their favorite snack, with a bowl of cereal, etc. This allows everyone to break the ice by doing something as well as see what everyone else brought to the call.

Show and Tell

Prior to the call, tell everyone to find something they want to show everyone like show and tell. For example, a picture from their childhood, their favorite thing in their room, the oldest thing in their home, the most embarrassing photograph hanging in their house, etc.


If you have more games to share, please send them our way!


The Youth America Team