Going Live On Social Media: What You Need To Know


For most, going live on social media platforms is a new undertaking. Maybe it makes you nervous or maybe you already love interacting with people you haven’t been able to see lately. Either way, here are some tips to bring your live experience to the next level.


Use air pods or headphones if you have them. They do a better job picking up your voice and not the sounds of everything else happening around you. If you don’t have either, try and be pretty close to your phone.

Here’s an example of good audio without headphones.

You’ll notice that in his video, the room he was in didn’t have other people in it and the only thing making noise (aside from a couple of things) was him.

Pay attention to the room noise. If you aren’t talking and it’s still kind of noisy, try and find a new spot.


Make sure that the most light that’s shining on you is coming from the front side of you. The side of you that the camera is on. If you have a window, sit in front of it, facing the window. Put your phone on the window seal, and put a chair down in front of it. If it is nighttime, find a lamp or another source of lighting to help illuminate your face.We’re creative people so we can get creative with how to get light on our faces.


To have the best angle, place the lens of your phone to be at the same height as your eyes. Keep your phone straight up and down or angle the top of your phone just a tad bit more forward.

This allows the viewers to feel like they are talking to you instead of look at you from the bottom of your face.


Talk slower than you think. Sometimes when people get in front of a camera and get a little nervous they will speak faster than normal without realizing it. Just be casual and hang out with the people tuned in. Imagine if you were in person and having a regular conversation.It’s best to not be holding your phone when you go live. Try and prop it up on something so that the shot is really steady.

This will also help the quality of video your viewers are watching. The more movement, the more the internet has to try and send. That’s why you’ll get a lot of pixelated looking facetime calls sometimes is cause the person you’re talking to is whipping their phone around like it’s a kettlebell.


Be ready before you go live. It’s ok to be a little late and be ready than it is to start when you’re not ready.


Start the stream with an intro of what you’re going to talk about but then ask the people that are already in there what they’re doing or how they’re doing. Catch them within the first 5-10 seconds from when THEY hop on, not from when you go live. You can also respond to people who are commenting as well if it doesn’t distract you or cause you to move the phone too much.

Ask people questions. After you ask a question, RESPOND when people answer the question. That will most likely keep them tuned in to what you’re saying for the rest of the stream (or for at least 5-10 more minutes). And any time you’re on a stream after that, that person that you responded to is more likely to come back because they felt INCLUDED.

INTERACTION is a big part of why people watch people, maybe the biggest part.


If you still feel lost trying to go live, reach out to us! We would love to help. 

Chandler Boyce
Youth America + Church of the Harvest