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In 1986 Kirk Pankratz was in his backyard praying about his present situation. He was a young Senior Pastor who had just planted a church in a small town in western Oklahoma. He asked God for wisdom and direction. What he got was a mandate from God to reach teenagers in America. The beginning of this vision had to do with a summer camp. The first steps toward its fulfillment came in 1987 when Youth America was born.

Our Mission

God’s Church is the Ultimate Cause on the earth. It is the rock that Christ built and positioned to push back the gates of Hell. The Church is a body of believers, mobilized to carry out the cause of Christ.

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We've got a great crew of people making Youth America a reality.


Youth America is based out of our own local church, Church of the Harvest. We believe in building the local church, and we carry that out every week in our own church! We have a “come as you are” motto, and all are welcome! We love to worship, we believe in kids and the next generation, and we love the diversity represented through the people here of every age, race and walk of life. We’re one big family meeting in two locations in the Oklahoma City Metro area. After just a few visits here, you’ll catch our heart for loving God, helping people, and serving our city! We can’t wait to meet you.