Our Mission

Helping Churches Reach More Students and Build Better Leaders

1. Redefine the church to the next generation
God’s Church is the Ultimate Cause on the earth. It is the rock that Christ built and positioned to push back the gates of Hell. The Church is a body of believers, mobilized to carry out the cause of Christ. But most young people today do not have a true revelation of what the Church is, or the power that the Church can have. There is a growing misconception that the Church is just an organization that puts on services and is a place we attend once a week. The reality is that we have limited the Church by what we have known it to be in the past. We consider it our mission to provide God encounters and life-changing experiences for thousands of young people and leaders each year, setting an atmosphere to help redefine the Church to the next generation as the Ultimate Cause that will take complete devotion and relentless passion.

2. Build Next-Generation Churches
The young-adult age is virtually non-existent in church today. Statistics say that 80% if churched high-school students intend to leave the church upon graduation. This is a trend that we must reverse. In our church (Church of the Harvest), we’ve seen the power that young adults can bring, and we’re unwilling to live with the fact that most churches today are not experiencing the influence of that age group. We are making it our mission to rally the young-adult age group, to take back the generation that has seemed to fall away from the Church and raise up young men and women to carry the cause of Christ, so they can step into leadership roles and see God’s Kingdom built. We must begin to awaken the desire in our youth to be a part of a greater cause (the Cause) as a lifelong mission, not just to be a part of a youth group. We want to see every church thriving in all generations, experience the strength and life of a healthy church.

3. Create and Impart the Sound of a Movement
We believe that God has given us the mandate of creating a fresh sound that calls people of all ages and demographics to worship. In our recent past, God’s grace to carry out this mandate has been evident. We have written and produced numerous albums and DVDs. Many songs on those projects have become anthems of churches all across America. Our heart is to be a source of worship for the church world, creating and imparting music that truly touches the heart of God and compels people to worship Him. Not only do we produce music from our own team, but we are also stirring up a culture of young adults in this nation who dig deep for creativity and aspire to write songs and develop a sound according to the uniqueness of their churches.

4. Empower Leaders Through Relationship and Resource
Since 1987 God has raised up some truly incredible pastors and leaders through this ministry. Youth America has proven to be one of the catalysts of youth ministry in this nation. We are blessed with incredible leaders who have years of experience on both the local church and national ministry level. We have a full spectrum of experience and success, ranging from youth ministry to leading a church, to worship teams to creative and media. We carry a deep conviction to be a support to churches everywhere, utilizing our relationships to train and impart to leadership, pastoral, and creative teams. One of the most powerful resources is relationship. Imagine a web of ministries that are bonded together through a common mission, who are offering support and advice on a constant basis. We believe we can help further your ministry through the resources and relationships we have to offer.

Through our conference, camps, music, college, relational networks, resources, and events, we believe that we can link arms with churches across America and see a generation devote themselves to God’s Church, the Ultimate Cause on the earth, and to be the church so expansive in energy that not even the gates of Hell will be able to stop it.